Strategy creates intent.  In essence it’s a promise, a promise made to the marketplace.  This promise creates expectations in the customers’ minds.  When a business fails it’s rarely the fault of the promise itself but the company’s inability to deliver on their promise and meet their customers’ expectations.

IMPERATIVES is a Strategy Activation® firm. We help our clients make and keep their promises by bridging the traditional gap between executive-level strategic vision and organization-wide execution in the marketplace.

Our practice is divided into two broad areas:

Consulting Services Our senior staff members can work with you to create a practical, achievable strategic vision and help you prepare your organization to achieve that vision. By aligning your products/services, people, processes and tools to the strategic vision we dramatically increase your odds of success in the marketplace.

Implementation Services With 20 employees in six states we help our clients coast-to-coast actually make things happen in the marketplace. Whether implementing the programs we ourselves designed or plugging temporary staffing holes, our talented associates can lead organizational change and key implementation efforts.

Strategy Activation® is our proprietary implementation planning model. It creates a holistic framework that drives complete alignment across the organization and ensures implementation readiness.

Is your organization optimizing your strategy in the marketplace? If you’re not sure, let’s talk. IMPERATIVES can help you get it right, make it work, and get it done.